After more than a decade of operation from our physical base at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and institutional base within the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, metaLAB (at) Harvard has opened a new metaLAB in Berlin in partnership with the Institut für Theaterwissenschaft at the Freie Universität Berlin. This exciting new venture, metaLAB (at) F.U. Berlin, was launched in early 2022 and reflects a circumstance that was present from the outset: that many of our projects were international, involved overseas collaborators, and were built around partnerships with European cultural institutions.

By establishing metaLAB (at) F.U. Berlin, working with our colleagues Annette Jael Lehmann (director of the Institut für Theaterwissenschaft) and metaLAB Principal Kim Albrecht, we hope to build a new portfolio of projects and partnerships across Germany and Europe, as well as to explore some exciting new directions.

Though this venture is still in its infancy, we welcome inquiries from interested parties.

A new, integrated Harvard/F.U. Berlin website was launched this week to coordinate our activities across the Atlantic. The new URL is:

- January 15, 2022