With my friends and collaborators Elisabetta Terragni (Studio Terragni Architetti; Como/New York) and Daniele Ledda (xy comm; Milan), I’ve been musing over how to install our Panorama of the Cold War project at the MAXXI in Rome for the upcoming exhibition MIGRANTI. The show in question will be concerned with the migratory patterns of contemporary Italian architecture and its impact on the design process and product. In our case the focus is on our transatlantic collaboration on the Panorama of the Cold War project: a proposed repurposing of the former submarine base in Gjiri i Panormes, Albania, which now includes not just a museum of the Cold War installed into the underground tunnel that formed the core of the base, but also NO CONCRETE–a set of fully autonomous metal modules slotted into the ruins of the base. Since the everyday pace of exchange and conversation tends to be set by Skype and since we were in different locations over the course of the past summer, a Skype group portrait emerged as the clear solution for a group portrait.

So here it is; (the veteran Skype user will immediately smell the bittersweet scent of Photoshop fakery).




The actual installation in the MAXXI galleries should be pretty cool. Beautiful work, as always, by Daniele (see below).








- August 18, 2013