Creative Playthings


Field research for Quickening (1995-2007)

1975 Ducati F1 superbike 4-stroke (raced in vintage, super Dino, and F-40 classes)

1992 Aprilia rs250 superbike 2-stroke (raced in 250 superbike, 450 sbk, and F-40 classes)

1998 Honda gp 125 2-stroke (raced in formula 3)

1998 Tigcraft Yamaha 700 supermono 4-stroke (raced in formula singles, 500 twins)

2003-5 Yamaha r6 superbikes 4-stroke (raced in 4-12 hour endurance races in Europe)

also: 1991 Yamaha gp 250, 1994 Honda RVF 400…

Mass panoramic photographs

I became fascinated by them in the course of working on the history of World War I. I kept on finding them at flea markets and on eBay. A curious fragment of larger history of collective portraiture. We who are living in the epoch of the selfie would do well to explore the media history of the era of crowds.


ear factory   card shuffle   unnamed

clock oscillation   machine action

normal service tv   paging through book

paper calendar moving    rails

rocking in hammock   sander shoots stack of pages

xray violinist   skies-from-courtyard-rotated-doubled

In 2013, for an event at SFMoMA, I crafted a virtual edition of Stéphane Mallarmé’s Un Coup de dés out of found animated gifs, the so-called Mallarmovie. Built in Zeega, it was user-executed with the push and pull of network latencies contributing to never fully repeatable “readings.” Three different screen captures are published below. There’s a soundtrack. Run them simultaneously if so inclined (and crank up the volume).