One of the two metaLAB submissions to the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge regarding the future of libraries has made it into the semi-final round of the competion: the Book a Nook proposal devised by metaLAB principal and creative technologist Jessica Yurkofsky.

BOOK A NOOK is a cleverly conceived piece of infrastructure:

Book a Nook is digital infrastructure to help libraries activate their network of physical spaces for diverse uses, reaching those who might otherwise rely on commercial space for meetings, activities, and learning. Via an application programming interface (API), a set of functions that allows programs to connect to web services such as Facebook and Meetup, it will permit users to discover and book library meeting spaces. Book a Nook becomes an API for the seamless discovery and sharing of library facilities. Users will gain access to much-needed public space, while libraries will become integrated into the social fabric in new ways, better supporting a wide range of activities happening in their communities.

We are in the process of fine-tuning the proposal, so feel free to offer your criticisms and comments, to applaud, or simply to check in at


- October 27, 2014