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- April 12, 2014

Media revolutions rarely if ever consist in simple substitutions or displacements of one medium by another. Rather, they are defined by realignments, with “old” media (all of which were once “new” media) assuming new forms and functions within the setting of an overall structure. Such is very much the case of print culture today: alive and well, despite once feverish –now less so– speculation about the end of print and the triumph of e-publishing. “Alive
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- April 4, 2014

We live in the age of data personhood. Whether we are individual or corporate subjects, our identities long ago ceased being tightly coupled to our bodies or our   emitting vast streams of like the train of a vast gauzy gown   was not a feature of premodern societies

- April 3, 2014

The on-site installation of GHOST at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art involves iPads distributed in ten locations within the museum. All are running GHOST live via wifi in the kiosk mode, so that as a landing screen visitors experience the open pages of a Guest Book where the (erased) titles of the six database documentaries fade in and out intermittently. The titles vanish the moment one touches (or mouses over them), even as the
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- May 11, 2013

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