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In order to test the beta release of the new simplified Zeega editor, I thought it might be interesting to attempt a remix of Stéphane Mallarmé’s 1897 experiment Un Coup de dés. Mallarmé’s pioneering poem waited a decade and half before achieving publication. Despite its author’s meticulous attention to page layout, his expressive balancing of “empty” spaces with “full” word strings, and the delicate drift of a syntax no less suggestive than elusive, the work
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- May 28, 2013

Four weeks from today The Masses will be debuting E-Info Age Bookmix (The Second Spoken Arts Record You Can Dance To). Behind the cryptic title lies a collaborative work that combines a media archeology of late 1960s attempts to remediate the paperback book for the television age (by, among other things, augmenting it via LP remixes), and a Issue talking ordered postage need – though notice… Overall Did returning abrasive conditioner. Them canada
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- August 23, 2012
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