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The Library Beyond the Book book (it’s out)

The Library Beyond the Book is finally out with Harvard University Press in the newly launched metaLABprojects series. Here’s the first review that has come in: While iPad-bearing soothsayers banish print books to dustbins, coauthors Schnapp and Battles, both insightful provocateurs from Harvard University, envision dynamic and fluid architectural spaces warehousing paper as well as pixels. In a spirit of refreshing experimentation, they ask: What flexible qualities from the past can accommodate tomorrow’s information consumers
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[D] H disputations round two

A few weeks back, the self-described “independent scholar and business analyst living in Los Angeles,” James Pulizzi, rose to defend Adam Kirsch’s thin polemical takedown of digital humanities on the pages of the New Republic‘s online edition. As in the case of Kirsch’s piece, the authors of Digital_Humanities felt that it was important to respond and we have done so in the form of Printed Books are Vital. We are grateful to the New Republic
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